Gift Bags as “Thank You”

I like to give away gift bags as a thank you because they are easy to personalise and you can fill them with whatever you want. I used to make them like this but I am more fond of smaller sized gift bags, so I invested in the Goodie Bag by Lawn Fawn.

I absolutely love the Goodie Bag! It is easy to assemble and to decorate. I have used the Goodie Bag for some occassions now and I want to share two of my favourite designs here: the autumn-themed and Captain America-themed bags.

The autumn-themed bag was a gift for the hostesses of the Thanksgiving Dinners that I am invited to every year. I live in Austria and even though we have something similar to Thanksgiving (we call it “Erntedankfest“), it is very religious it does not include large dinners with friends and family. In 2007, two friends of mine decided to bring Thanksgiving to Austria and we celebrate it every year since. These two always organise the whole thing and make sure that everything runs smoothly on that day. So, as a thank you I made them each a goodie bag and filled it with my favourite tea and chocolate.

To make one Goodie Bag, two die cuts are needed and both fit perfectly on a 6×12 inch sheet of paper. I ran the die through my die-cut machine. The die makes most of the work for you – it not only cuts the bag but it also adds the score lines to fold the bag in shape. In terms of decorations, I used the stamp set Happy Harvest by Lawn Fawn.

The Captain America-themed bag was a gift for the hostess of the annual “Game of Thrones“-dinner within the circle of our friends. To make the dinner fun, everyone is supposed to dress up like their favourite character. Since I do not watch or read Game of Thrones (cough), I had no idea about anything Game-of-Thrones-related. Another friend, then, suggested that I should start my own house and be Lady Rogers as in Captain America’s Steve Rogers as I am a big fan of Captain America and Chris Evans.
To show off the emblem of the Rogers House, I decorated the goodie bag to look like Captain America’s shield. For this, I used the Lawn Fawn Stitched Circle Stackables and the Lawn Fawn Puffy Star Stackables and die-cut them in red, blue and white cardstock. I adhered everything together with tape runner and voilà, I had a Captain America goodie bag.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a nice day!

Edit: I have started reading the first book of Game of Thrones – and I like it. What I do not like is that there are so many names to remember…


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