About the Author

My name is Christina and I live in Austria. Crafting is a way to express myself and it is something that I really enjoy doing. I love being creative but I rarely have time to do so. With this blog I hope to do more creative stuff and, thus, also invest in my happiness.

When I was younger, I occasionally handmade cards for birthdays and during the Christmas season but it was never “serious”. For me, “real” card making began in late 2014, when I researched designs for scrapbooking (which I picked up only a few weeks earlier). While researching, I came across the term “clear stamps” a lot. I, then, stumbled upon a video on the Youtube Channel StampTV by Gina K Designs and I was completely impressed. I watched more StampTV videos (even though they were about card making and not scrapbooking) and those videos led to more card making videos, such as Jennifer McGuire Ink, KWernerDesign, Lawn Fawn, etc. I still scrapbook, but card making definitely took over…

About This Blog

The reason why I decided to start a blog (rather than a diary that I keep to myself) was that I want to share my designs and ideas with you, hoping to inspire you to create your own things – whether they are cards, scrapbook pages, paintings, sculptures, or whatever you can think of.

I chose the name Teal Time because it is a combination of my favourite time of the day, tea time, and my favourite colour, teal. Friends and family would argue that the fictional show Tool Time from the 90’s sitcom Home Improvement may have also influenced the name as well (I really love this series!).

The colour teal is my favourite colour because it brings me feelings of calmness and tranquillity. Supposedly, the colour teal also heightens levels of creativity and sensitivity. So, I guess it is a good thing that I decorated my craft space in teal :-).

tealtime_logo_v2-0__by-logomakr_1cu2meFor this blog, I wanted a logo that combined my favourite things: tea, crafting and the colour teal. So, it became a mug with a paintbrush in teal. I created this logo with logomakr.
The brush graphic by Catalin Fertu from Flaticon and the cup graphic by Freepik from Flaticon are licensed under CC BY 3.0.

So much for this. Do you know what time it is? :-)

Please note

My designs are for personal inspiration and enjoyment only! Please do not copy them for any commercial purposes, publications, or contest submissions. Thank you!